Thursday, January 6, 2011


Let me share some of my FAVORITE foodie gifts I received for Christmas this year.

First, the cutest gift EVER!!!!!!

My nieces, Ashley and Brittany inherited some of Aunt Lexi's genes. The obsession with food and cooking and the obsession with....



It is a cake server with heels! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS. It was the perfect gift. It is so cute I'm not sure if I will use it or frame it.

Thought it might enjoy a view.

Thanks A & B.

Another great gift was The Herb Saver. You put the herbs in the top and fill the bottom with water. You can save your fresh herbs for weeks. It must be great, it made Oprahs Best of List.

Thanks RH.

Then there was the cork screw trivet. You add your corks to the screws and you have a cool trivet.

Thanks SW.

My last favorite gift was a Thermopen. I have wanted one of these for years. It is the BEST thermometer you can buy. I have three instant read thermometers and because I don't trust any of them, I stick all three in the roast and take an average.

NO  MORE................the thermopen is easy, accurate and just the coolest ever. You can use it for candy, barbecue, temperature of the room you are standing in or meats. I think it is the most accurate on the market. Most Chefs use this tool. If you want to buy your last thermometer ever then order this. It will make you a better cook.

 Thanks SC

So, these are my favorite foodie gifts of Christmas 2010.  Thanks to the gifters and Happy 2011.

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