Monday, January 10, 2011


I can't resist these luscious sea creatures. I know, they are a little creepy with those eyeballs looking back at you, but just don't think about it.

These shrimp are not really shrimp. They are actually prawns. And these guys are juicier and sweeter than any other shrimp or prawn. Once they are plucked from their briny home in the Santa Barbara Channel they need to be cooked as soon as possible. They  deteriorate rather quickly. I bought these right off the boat for about 5.00 a pound.

All I did was pour a bottle of beer in a pan, added a little water, put them in the steamer basket and steamed them until they were opaque. I only steamed them for about 3 or 4 minutes. Don't over cook them. I served them au natural (think peel and eat) and had a small bowl of melted butter on the side. They really don't need the butter. They are buttah! I personally  like them plain with a squeeze of lemon.

If the eyeballs turn you off, you can pull the heads off and just cook the tails....but I think they are kinda cute!

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