Monday, November 8, 2010


Last night I tried out my new toy.
I decided to  try smoking mozzarella cheese for a Caprese Salad.

YES...that is smoke everywhere. I'm surprised that Ron got this picture as he was frantically running around opening windows so the smoke alarm (which is connected to the Fire Dept.) would not go off. I'm not sure if I loaded the chamber with too much wood or if this happened because it was the first time it had been used. The smoke filled the zip lock and then I sealed the bag and let the smoke permeate into the cheese. I used apple wood chips for flavor.

The results were pretty good. The smoky flavor added a new dimension to one of our favorite salads, however, we did need to add a lot more balsamic vinegar to balance out the flavor of the smoke. The verdict...I would do it again but use a little less smoke.

I also roasted a couple of pork chops and when they were finished I put them in a Pyrex dish, covered it with plastic wrap and then I put the smoke tube into the dish and blasted them with some apple wood smoke. Ron didn't get a picture of this technique. I think he was running for the fire extinguisher about that time. The verdict...a slight smoky flavor on the chop. Next time I would add more smoke.

Next weekend I am going to smoke a Bloody Mary! can be done, I saw it on YOU TUBE.

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