Sunday, November 7, 2010


This was our first time planting a vegetable garden. Not only did we learn from our  mistakes but the weather wreaked havoc on our poor vegetables. We had a full summer of fog and then right after we planted our fall/winter garden we had 95 degree weather followed by rain, lightning and thunder, more sun and more rain. I had intended to cut some chard from the garden for dinner but I had a little trouble finding a good uh...leaf.

So, sorry little chard disaster. I came home with this.

Lately I have been removing the ribs and then heating some EVOO with two smashed garlic cloves. I prefer smashing them, and then letting them cook for a few minutes in the olive oil before putting the chard in the pan. I remove the  garlic when the chard is ready. When I used to chop, mince or grate the garlic I would find that sometimes there would be a bitter garlic taste.

The chard cooking and the plated meal. Grilled chicken breast, Swiss Chard and a garlic cheese biscuit.

I'm new at taking photos of my food. This photo reminds me of the first model kicked off The Next Top Model. Too stiff, too composed and no personality. My cousin is a professional photographer and he has promised to help me over Thanksgiving or Christmas. Thanks Scott!

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