Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well, I haven't been able to upload any pictures yet but I can tell you that the food and weather in Spain has been incredible. So far Ron and I have been very excited about Pil-Pil sauce. It is an olive oil, garlic, chili pepper and paprika mixture that they heat until hot and then drop in some prawns. It is served bubbling hot with some French bread.

We had this a couple of times down on the beach near Malaga, close to our condo. Today we drove to Jerez. Very nice hotel here. We had beef cheeks for dinner. It was the speciality tonight. They were slow cooked until the meat melted in our mouths. This was wonderful.

Tomorrow we will go Sherry tasting, shopping, check out the Andalusian horse show and then 3 hours back to our condo. I checked my e-mail today and we are invited to a Fiesta party at the end of July. Fiesta attire perfect is that? A few miles from the condo is Fiesta attire central. We will be muy authentico!

We go out for dinner when the restaurants start to open, around 9pm. It seems like we eat around 10 pm every night, just like the locals. Tonight after dinner and a walk, we went to the roof of our hotel and listened to live music. It must be close to 1am and I'm still up. Something has happened to that person who is usually in bed by 9pm :)

More later.

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