Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We returned last night from an unbelievable vacation. We have pictures galore, ate awesome food, had a lot of fun, met some new and special family members, and I spent 3 days cooking with my Mother-in-law. It was a blast. 

What we didn't expect to bring home was the worst cold both of us have ever had. After spending a week in the sun in Spain, I was so excited to come home with a sun kissed Mediterranean tan, stress furrows on my forehead gone and ready to cook some wonderful food we tasted on our trip. Well, I may not look exactly like him but I feel like I look like him.....

Think W.C. Fields meets Rudolph, that would be me, and yes the picture is fuzzy, that would be me too.

 This morning we didn't have any food in the house and we didn't have the energy to shop. I cooked a frozen Lime Chili Chicken burger to share with Ron and he said it tasted like eating a bland sponge. I agreed.

I brought some wonderful ingredients home from Spain and Germany. So, in a day or so we should be back to normal and ready to try some new recipes and share our food experiences.

Gesundheit....I hope I never hear that word again!

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