Monday, January 21, 2013


It's another Food Matters Project Monday and our host this week is Erin of The Goodness Life. Erin chose Chicken Jook (aka congee or hangover helper) with Lots of Vegetables. I have always enjoyed a nice bowl of jook but have never made it before. This is comfort food in a bowl. It takes a few hours to make but they are relaxing hours as you stir a bit and watch the rice break down and  thicken as it simmers away.

I followed the recipe from the book which you can find here. I added a squeeze of lemon when I served it that  really elevated the flavor of the jook.

You can read what our other members made here on our Food Matters Project site. Want to join in but don't have the book? Drop us a note at and we will send you the recipe.


Meg @ said...

Oh you just reminded me that I squeezed in a bit of lime juice at the end, too. Great minds! And I like that yours looks a bit thicker like mine. I was getting nervous that I had done it wrong.

Lexi said...

Meg, I forgot to add that I added about 2 cups more water because it was just too thick.

Erin @ The Goodness Life said...

Lovely picture up top there, and glad you had the chance to make jook for the first time! It's so easy, and such comfort food for me, so I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Anonymous said...

Good call on the lemon flavor, I didn't add it to mine (or post it, the photos weren't the prettiest) but I'll have to remember if I do it again!