Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Remember Patty Melts? Back in the 70's they were everywhere. Grilled beef on grilled rye bread, spread with Thousand Island dressing and topped with Swiss cheese and grilled onions. You can still find them on the menu in some diners. 

I had a pound of ground beef. I didn't want a traditional  burger. I just stared into the fridge for what seemed like forever. Then I spotted some rye bread. Who has rye bread hanging around in their fridge? Maybe after St. Pat's day for Rubens but that's about it. Ron bought it. When he shops he always comes home with random things. I call them Rondom things.

Then I thought about Patty Melts, and caramelized onions..and Havarti cheese. Oh YES! This was great.

I started out by caramelizing my onions in a cast iron skillet. Then I grilled an oval shaped beef patty for just about 5 minutes.

 Turned it over and topped it with Havarti cheese and caramelized onions. I put the lid on the grill and let the cheese melt. I buttered one side of the rye bread and toasted it in the cast iron skillet. It picked up a lot of flavor from the onions. When the bread was nice and toasty I spread some Thousand Island dressing on it and topped it with the grilled beef.. This was amazing.

I don't think a recipe is necessary here. It's pretty straight forward. If you need one let me know in the comments.

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