Sunday, August 7, 2011


We have been home over two weeks now but it took a couple of weeks to get over the cold we brought home and even longer for out taste buds to return. I haven't cooked much lately but I did have some great meals in Germany.

I love the way you can buy this bread, different types in the same loaf.

My Mother-in-law makes the best plum tortes.

Ron's Mother Inga had a brunch for 15 people when we arrived.

There was a birthday party for Helga, Ron's Aunt. These were the appetizers that were passed.

 There were different choices for dinner. I had the fillet.

Charcuterie plate at a restaurant.

When pfifferlinge (chanterelle) mushrooms are in season you will find them in everything. A salad below and a soup.

Ron had a pork ragout.

I had the best schnitzel I have ever had. It was made with turkey. I could not believe how tender it was.

It is great to feel well again. I can't wait to start cooking some of the dishes we loved in Spain and Germany. Our suit cases were filled with condiments, spices, sherries and wine. It was a great trip.

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