Friday, June 3, 2011


I have two favorite recipes for cleaning out the fridge. Quiche, tacos, and burritos. Okay, so there are three, but a taco is a burrito only in different clothing.

These tacos were great. I had leftover lentils, brown rice, grilled corn, and chipotle peppers  from my vegan night with Brittany.

Rita sent home some leftover tri-tip from her birthday party and in the take home bag were some chili beans that Teena made.

Mixed it together and heated it up.

One of our new lime trees is producing the most amazing limes I have ever had.

Claudia gave me an avocado and we had some cheese that was pleading to be used.

My cilantro bolted after a few weeks so I only had a few leaves (perfect) oh... the tomatoes were bursting at the seams so I used them too.

I had some corn tortillas from Trader Joe's.  Warmed them over the gas grill flame. Filled them with the leftover greatness and served. Oh yum...

That's it...empty fridge and happy hubby.

Try Trader Joe's yellow corn tortillas. They are awesome.

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