Sunday, June 12, 2011


Grilled Tri-Tip. I can hear your what?....ho hum... no big deal...well, who would have thought of giving it a bath in Sriracha Sauce?  Ron of course.

I walked into the kitchen and our tri-tip had a red coating on it. I was expecting a dry rub. It looked like ketchup. Oh no! I asked him what the heck that was on our tri-tip. When he told me that he coated it with sriracha sauce and some garlic salt, I went into my happy dance. Brilliant!

If anyone out there does not know what sriracha is, let me educate you. It looks like this.

It's made right here in California. I read a story about a man named David Tran. He came to the U.S. from Vietnam in the 80's. He couldn't find a chili sauce that he liked, so he decided to make his own. He then started selling it out of the back of his van in Los Angeles. As his following grew, he moved into a processing facility in Rosemead, a Los Angeles suburb. He now sells more than 10 million bottles of it a year.

If you like spicy you will love this sauce. You can put it in almost anything, from eggs, to sauces, and even (gasp!) Bloody Mary's.

This was one great Tri-Tip.

Thanks Ron!

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