Tuesday, May 31, 2011


There was a lot going on in Santa Barbara this weekend. One thing that caught our eye was the truck stop.

It was a gathering of our local food trucks, the latest rage in S.B.

The first truck to come to Santa Barbara was the Burger Bus.

They really have great burgers. Everything is sourced locally and you can tell. Organic beef and fresh ciabatta rolls. There was a long line at the bus so we moved on.

I heard about one of the newest trucks to hit town, O' Street. They serve French-Vietnamese and French-Mex food. I was in the mood for a Banh Mi sandwich so we headed over there.

After waiting in line for a while we got up to the window only to learn that they had run out of bread. They said they would have more in about 15 minutes. There must have been more people than they had expected because the truck event ran from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm and it was only 2:00 when we were there.

We were getting hungry so we placed our order for a Banh Mi and some Pommes Frites and then headed over to Green and Tasty to see what we could find.

This truck promotes healthy food. We ordered a Tapada. We weren't sure what a tapado was and the nice lady who took our money had no idea either. When it came out it looked like a mini taco, a little greasy and filled with potato and cheese. Not very healthy. I googled it and I still don't know what it was that we ate.  While we were eating this mini whatever we spotted bread man!

So we hightailed it back to O' Street.

We were really hungry by then (we walked from home to the event) so we grabbed our food and then I remembered I wanted to take a picture. Oh well....

The Pommes Frites were really good. They had a nice seasoning on it. We loved dipping them in the wasabi mayo, not so much in the curry-ketchup. The Banh Mi filled us up but it was not authentic. It tasted rushed and thrown together. I went to their web-site and there is a picture of what a Banh Mi should look like. Way different than the one we ordered. I think they just ran out of food early and winged it.

I used to make Banh Mi with a Vietnamese woman who worked for me a few years ago. She taught me the authentic version so I know good Banh Mi.

We had a long walk home so we checked out a couple of other trucks. Lickety Splits was super cute and the kids were loving it.

and then we saw a wine bar.....but we were walking.

As we were leaving we saw the latest entry into the truck cuisine...Road Dogs. They really didn't have a truck and not really a sign so I didn't take a picture but as we were heading out behind their set-up I did notice something interesting.

They had live music too. It was a great afternoon.

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