Monday, May 23, 2011


 Steak bites, potato skins, calamari and sliders. Those are some of my favorite bar food snacks. We were planning on going out for a drink and appetizer last week but we had a steak in the fridge that needed to be consumed so I about steak bites at home?

The trick to making these really tasty, is to, of course....cook them in butter. It wouldn't be bar food if they were healthy, right?

Start with about 1 pound of meat. I used New York but Sirloin, Rib Eye or Fillet would be good too. Cut away any fat or gristle.

Cut the meat into 1 inch squares. Salt and pepper the meat.

 TURN ON THE VENT!!! This is going to get smoky.

Heat a skillet until it is really hot (I like to use cast iron for this). Put 2 TBSP. of butter into the pan and let it sizzle and get brown. Don't burn the butter but let it get really brown. Put the meat cubes in the hot butter and don't move them for 1 minute. Now flip them over for 30 seconds more. Remove from pan and pour any dripping that may be left in the pan on top.

Serve with any kind of sauce you like for dipping. I put some chipotle pepper sauce in some mayonnaise and mixed it together. The other sauce was just a steak sauce from the bottle. You can also use your favorite barbecue sauce.

These are really good.


Mia Willson said...

brilliant! I'm going to do this. I hope it turns out. have you ever heard of Lomito Saltado from Peru? You would LOVE it!

Ron Hirst said...

Very much like the Steak Bites and Sauces served at Harry's Plaza Cafe!

Lexi said...

Mia, give the kids toothpicks to eat with. It will be an adventure! Never had Lomito Saltado. How about a recipe or picture to post here?