Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy Mother's Day to all! 

We had a wonderful lunch at Lynn's house.

Here is the beautiful table that Lynn and Brittany set.

For a starter we had Andalusian gazpacho and  bread studded with roasted garlic. The main course was salmon. On the side we had asparagus with arugula sauce, and Caesar salad. Lynn made the salmon and it was to die for. Brittany made the Caesar salad and put a vegan dressing on it from Lazy Acres. It was a great salad and the dressing was delish. I made the gazpacho (I'll post the recipe next) it was really yummy and then I made the asparagus with arugula sauce. That recipe it already posted under vegetables.

For dessert Lynn and Brittany dipped Strawberries in chocolate. OMG, they were awesome.

Here is Ron's plate.

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