Sunday, April 17, 2011


This after dinner drink is one of my favorite desserts. I'm not a big dessert eater but I do like to serve dessert when I entertain. How many times have you been served a great meal and then the dessert is served, it is delicious, but when you get home you are wiped out? That won't happen with this little treat.
It was Father's Day and I spent all day cooking a delicious meal. I just wanted something sweet, but not too heavy to serve for dessert. This was what I made. Quick, easy and to die for tasty. I won't mention any names here, but the guest of honor, (who will never read this because he doesn't know how to use a computer) came into my office the next day and said "Honey, that was a great dinner but what was REALLY good was the dessert". So...that was a great compliment but it made me wonder if next time I skip the 8 hours of cooking and get right to the dessert, all 2 minutes of it.

                                                              TOASTED ALMOND

1 part Kahlua
1 part amaretto
2 parts cream

In a small glass combine the Kahlua, Amaretto and the cream. Drop in a ice cube, give it a swirl and serve.

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