Sunday, April 3, 2011


Potato Skins....what's the big deal? It's BAR food. It's NOT gourmet. It's really easy. So WHY here?

Well, I don't usually make them at home. I eat them when we go out and want some bar food. So why did I make them last night? We were planning on going out for some snacks but it was cold, I was tired, and we had a movie we wanted to watch.

BUT.......I was craving potato skins and then I remembered what I had done on St. Pat's Day.

I made some rustic garlic mashed potatoes and put the skins in the freezer. So, I thawed them out and cooked some bacon. Not just any Bacon.

I love this Bacon. Then I baked the Bacon for 30 minutes at 350~. BAKED IT??? Yes,
 that's the best way.

Throw it in the oven and fuh getta  bout it. No splatter..and no mess.

Then I piled in some cheese (what ever was hanging around) crumbled some bacon on top and then some chopped green onions. Back in the oven until hot and bubbly. Served with Ranch Dressing.

We added a little bit of protein and some veggies.

It was a fun night in.

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