Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hope everyone had a nice Easter. We had our usual family spread with everyone contributing something delicious.

Mom has a collection of hand painted and decorated Easter eggs from our family. She brings them out every Easter and we have a great time reminiscing. Four generations of hand made eggs.

Our meal was scrumptious as usual.

Mom cooked the delicious ham.

Brittany made the lovely fruit salad.

Lynn made the yummy scalloped potatoes, rich, cheesy, and creamy. She also baked the croissants, regular and chocolate. Ashley made the delicious quiche.

Ron and Lexi made the grilled vegetables with herb vinaigrette. Ron spent one hour cooking the veggies on the grill and discovered that slow and low is the best way to go.

For dessert I bought a cheese cake from Lazy Acres.  They make one of the best in town.

Happy Easter!

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