Wednesday, February 2, 2011


These are fall off the bone, lick your fingers good. The trick is to find good beef ribs. Most of the time they have been previously frozen. I found some fresh ribs at the store and I grabbed them. One fresh  package amongst ten frozen. JACK POT!!

Many years ago I became a friend with the butcher at Von's. When I would shop the meat department and he would see me, he would bolt out of the back, put his arm around me and walk me through the meat section. He would tell me what was on sale, and then go in the back and cut me a custom cut. What a guy. What I really loved about him was our rib relationship. We had an agreement. I got the Prime Rib bones. When he would cut Prime Rib Roasts he would cut extra thick ribs for me, meaning killer, thick, meaty, Prime meat bones. Woo hoo. I gave him my home phone number and he would call me once a week with something special, usually ribs.

He was an old guy, but he was passionate about his job and his customers. That's what I loved about him.

 He retired and I moved. My woo hoo became my boo hoo. But so it goes.....

This was so easy. I used a store purchased bbq sauce, added some liquid smoke, some smoked salt and some Sriracha sauce. Layered the ribs in the crockpot and cooked for 8 hours on low. I would say a bottle of BBQ sauce, a TBSP. of liquid smoke, 1 tsp. of smoked salt, and a small squirt of Sriracha.

I love Sriracha. It is a sauce made from sun ripened chilies which are ground into a smooth paste along with garlic. It is very hot so you just need a tiny bit to add some zip to your meal. I like it mixed with mayonnaise, or added to soups. You can do so much with this sauce.

I have been using it for many years. I used to have to drive to Indo China Market to buy it, but now it is on the shelves of most grocery stores.

This was Ron's plate after 10 hours in the crockpot.


sharon said...

Would you use the same recipe for pork ribs? I've never tried the beef ribs but it sounds good.

Lexi said...

These were really meaty beef ribs, that's why I used them. It should work with the pork ribs as long as they are not too lean. It was the extra kick I added to the BBQ sauce that made them so tasty.