Monday, January 31, 2011


When Ron cooks I know it will be really good. He never uses a recipe, that is why I gave him his own category. Here are some pictures of some great dinners he cooked.

This was uh.....well, I guess I'll call it Crockpot Surprise. We pulled two packages of meat out of the freezer and one was marked Pork Tri Tip and the other looked the same but no label on it. Ron made some kind of sauce, threw it in the crock pot and this is how it came out. It was really good whatever it was! He served it with broccoli, German Spaetzle, and a salad.
Ron is the master of this chicken dish. Whenever we have leftover chicken he makes a dinner with rice, chicken, and a creamy-lemony-caper sauce. I love this.

Ron also made this delish dish of scallops, mushrooms, and other things over pasta. Another great meal.
Thanks Ron for all the great meals!

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