Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I had an open can of the Panang curry in the fridge from the salmon dish I made. I decided to use it with chicken. It was so good. I found a large bag of spinach that needed to be cooked so I added it to the chicken and it was delicious. No recipe, I winged it but this is what I did.

I made the Panang curry sauce from the salmon recipe. It really only takes a few minutes but it tastes like you worked really hard. Then I sauteed a large bag of spinach in grapeseed oil. When it was cooked I put it on a plate added more grapeseed oil (a TBSP. or so) to the pan and sauteed two boneless-skinless chicken breasts that I cut into small pieces. When the chicken was almost cooked I put the spinach back in the pan and added the curry sauce. It is a little bit spicy so I served it with rice and it was perfect.

I sprinkled some fresh Thai Basil leaves from my garden on top. Please make will purr.

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